Just a mere 40-minute bus ride from Aizu Wakamatsu Station, Okawaso is a deluxe Japanese hotel where guests can take a dip in Ashinomaki’s traditional hot springs and bask in the beauty of the Okawa valley.

The bold greenery in spring, the cool Okawa river in summer, the bright orange colors in autumn, and the steaming hot springs in winter.

Each season brings to the area its own special kind of beauty, which guests can enjoy from any of our outdoor baths; Shiki Butai Tanada is designed to look like terraced rice fields and Kuchu Roten Buro overlooks the Okawa river.

Of the two buildings, the newer Yoimachi Tei sports a modern edge while Tsukimi Tei is more traditionally Japanese. We also have special event rooms and VIP suite s. Our 135 spacious rooms accommodate 710 guests.

We serve kaiseki dishes – simple Japanese traditional meals usually served in Zen temples before a tea ceremony – consisting of a selection of the finest foods each season has to offer. There are multiple party rooms for you to stage your own dining event, whatever the budget.

The following events are held each day: 4-6 pm: Shami-sen performance. 8:30 pm: Mochitsuki (pounding rice to make rice cakes) show. Join in and enjoy rice cake s with kinako powder!

Many visitors go to Tsuruga Castle, a symbol of Aizuwakamatsu, in the cherry blossom season. Oouchijuku is a village in the mountains that evokes the atmosphere of the Edo era. Tou no Hetsuri (tower in the edge) is a ravine carved by millions of years of wind and rain.

It is located just 10 minutes by bus from Ashinomaki Onsen Station*.

*From Tokyo for about 3 hours by way of Tohoku bullet train Shinkansen.
From Asakusa for about 3.5 hours by way of Tobu line and Aizu line.

Please contact us at:
mail : info@ookawaso.co.jp


+81-242-92-2111 / +81-242-92-2555

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